The Top Network Marketing Companies

There are plenty of debates over which Multi-level Marketing company really is the greatest. The main points of contention appear to focus around if the best is the largest, highest earners, oldest - a list goes on and on. To offer you a concept of this idea, can you rather work for Lamborghini or Chevrolet? Chevrolet produce more cars at a lower price tag - they are a bigger company, but is that necessarily better, although lamborghini produce a higher quality product, with a higher price tag?network marketing companies

So, I will list the largest firms that are the most accessible and relevant, you then have the opportunity to decide which is marketing success


This provider is the beginning of modern Multi-level Marketing practices. It had been founded in 1886 in the united states, in the current era, it houses its World Head Quarters in New York City. Every year it offers global wholesale revenue of approximately $10.3 billion through its 6.2 million distributors and 42,000 employees. The organization produces innovative toiletries, cosmetics and fragrances. The distributors work primarily over a 'person-to-person' basis, whilst their compensation is both single and multi-level. The brand is by far the most recognised worldwide as a result of provision of stores in over 100 different markets. So, is largest the best?


We have already found that Avon started the process of direct selling, but Amway were the first company to master Network Marketing. It founded in the USA in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel, as with the majority of top Network Marketing companies. In the modern, the planet Head Quarters are located in Michigan, USA. The business has a global wholesale revenue of $9.2 billion, created by the 3 million distributors who associate themselves using the company. Their pay plan has produced many millionaires within their duration of trading, however concerns have already been raised about the ability to grow much further due to their mass recognition in their primary markets.

3. MARY KAY inc.

For those who have ever considered Multi-level Marketing, then you certainly have heard of Mary Kay Ash, her company was developed across the ethos of 'God first, Family second, Career third'. This approach to business and the company related well to the American population and was answer to the company's initial success from 1963 onwards. Similar to Avon, the company manufactures top quality skincare and cosmetic ranges and has developed into a household name in numerous countries. The company has approximately 2 million distributors and 5,000 employees. The company focuses their distribution around party plans and 'person-to-person' recommendation, this creates income on just one and multi-level platform.


Unlike the big US companies, the fourth largest Multilevel Marketing company originated from Brazil. Natura Cosmeticos keeps social responsibility near to heart. The company has extensive range of 900 products, which results in a global revenue of $2.4 billion. For its popularity, not so many individuals know of the organization, this is most likely because of the countries that it operates - primarily South America. The company's million distributors are controlled from your World Head Quarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


If you want a large selection of nutritional supplements and weight management, you need to find a Herbalife Distributor. Their goods are recognized for quality, however this will come at a price much higher than some of its competitors. The firm creates a global revenue of around $2.3 billion through 2 million distributors in 72 countries. The organization includes a top level marketing strategy, recently advertising using the soccer team LA Galaxy, this gave them more recognition and helped to achieve new company.


Primerica is a component of the new kind of Network Marketing to become more easily available. The organization handles 6 million customers, provising loans, variable annuities, mutual funds, life insurance along with other services. The business founded in 1977, with the objective of transforming the provision of life insurance coverage. The company revenue from the firm today is approximately $2.2 billion in just 5 countries. There are only 100,000 distributors, which does sound appealing, however there exists a large failure rate because of the massive amount of education required.


Tupperware are world leading producers of storage and serving products. With brands including Nutrmetrics, Armand and Swissgarde Dupree, the company has a turnover of $2.1 billion. The Two.4 million 'consultants' and 1,800 distributors are controlled from your World Head Quarters in Orlando, Florida. The business is in the 67th year of trading, having been established in 1946.


Now to Forever Living, the greatest grower, producer and distributor of Natural Aloe-vera products. Their production process is carefully controlled as the company has great concerns for that environment. Any excess of raw materials (that in most products remains used) can be used to fertilise their lands to develop the bast products. Their range of products varies from drinking gels, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and skincare. Forever is cash rich and debt free, they possess a substantial amount of property as company assets. A famous acquisition was Southfork Ranch, the group of past television series Dallas. The company posseses an annual turnover of $3 billion from the 9 million distributors, who earn via a multi level compensation plan.

So, have you made your mind up about which is the best? You could be thinking that Primerica might be looking promising - each distributor statistically earns probably the most when compared with others. However the company drop out rate and high levels of training required means many people do and fail not meet the grade needed to make any sort of income. Think about Avon? It is tricky for men to really succeed, are you going to be able to sell skincare and cosmetics to women if you are a man, though they are the largest company? It will be trickier than if a woman was trying to do the same thing, although maybe.


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